Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tree Auction

This weekend there is a Tree Auction taking place in Lenexa near the intersection of Prairie Star Parkway (95th) and 7 highway.

It will be open to the public with Trees, Shrubs and Perennials up for bid. Please come and check it out. The nursery industry is at a low point right now and these plants will likely be destroyed if they are not sold and planted. There is nothing worse than a big pile of trees ready to be burned...

Please check out the website for more information:
And make sure you read 'The Story" it is very interesting and absolutely true.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New video

Check out this video of one of our tree crews taking down a large tree that was planted too close to the house. The clouds flying by are pretty cool too. It is also on our web site.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spring? Are you there?
It has been an awesome winter. I know most people are real tired of cold and snow. I also know that the last good snowy winter most of us remember was when we were kids, so it can't be all that bad. Good for the economy too.

And isn't spring so much better when you are about to completely lose your head with cabin fever and your car is about to give it up? (I've almost made it through Feb with my car still operable, falling apart, but running...knock knock)It is about time to get outside. I'm not sure I'll know what to do with myself. I would like to take my poor lonely dog for a walk once in a while. Soon enough...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

March 2010 Newsletter

Whether you do your own gardening on the weekends, have a regular maintenance contract or just mow once a week, if you own a home your landscaping is part of that investment and can add considerable monetary and aesthetic value to your property.

Regular maintenance not only keeps your property looking good, it can save time, money, and heartache in the long run. Leaf litter, dead plants and other debris are perfect areas for insects, fungi and other diseases to overwinter preparing to thrive when the weather starts to warm up. Spring clean-up can go a long way towards keeping your established plants alive and healthy.

Proper maintenance, spacing, and fungicide treatment if needed can greatly decrease the occurrence of many insects and diseases on your plants and shrubs.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Web Address

I just wanted to post a quick blog to say that I will be changing the address for this blog within the week. I am not sure what it will be yet, so please e-mail me or post a comment and I will give you the new url when it is set up.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Perennial Fall Color

One Perennial that always stands out for it's fall color is the Geranium. Above is Johnson's Blue. The color is an outstanding brick red and it is still flowering above the foliage with bright blue-purple flowers.

Karmina (above) and Biokovo Geraniums also have the rich red fall color, but they have smaller leaves and mostly bloom in spring and early summer.

Purple Dome Aster is blooming very heavy right now, with nice purple clusters of Daisy-like flowers.

Red Shift Coreopsis is a new variety we have grown this year. It is a soft butter yellow with a deep red center (above) until the weather starts to cool off. The red gradually bleeds out until the flowers are completely red (below).

Red Shift Coreopsis

Friday, September 25, 2009

Groundcovers (and a Vine)

I've got quite a few pictures of perennials on here that make great groundcovers, but here are some of the 'true' groundcovers that we carry:

Kamschaticum Sedum did very well this summer in 2" pots. They cover pretty fast, have beautiful star shaped yellow flowers and excellent fall color. (see below)

Kamschaticum Sedum

English Ivy is an old standard that is evergreen and does well in part shade.

Ralph Shugert Vinca is a variegated variety with the typical blue, pinwheel flowers.

Ralph Shugert Vinca

I just had to add this one: Jackmanii Clematis is blooming heavily right now. Clematis is a vine with stunning flowers that are generally (depending on variety) at least 4-5" across, and they will bloom profusely covering the entire plant.